Our Company


DHOFAR INSURANCE COMPANY (S.A.O.G) is a registered as an Omani Public Joint Stock Company incorporated in the Sultanate of Oman on the 5th September 1989. The companies’ principle activities comprise of writing all classes of Insurance. The company is consistently in compliance with all the articles of code of corporate governance of joint stock companies through transparency, disclosure and participation.


Dhofar Insurance Company would like to inform its respected shareholders and investors that the Board of Directors approved the unaudited financial statements for the First Quarter ended on 31 March 2016 and those statements were sent through the website of Muscat Securities Market.


Mr. Deepak.Kamath
- Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Omar bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Shaikh
– Vice President For Investment Affairs

Mr. Masood Ali Khan
- Vice President For Technical Affairs

Mr. Ibrahim Jubair
- Legal Advisor

Mr. Kannabiran
-Finance Affairs

Mr. Tahir Ayub
- Deputy GM for Re-Insurance Affairs

Mr. Said Al Abri
- Information Technology

Mr.S B Malleswara RAO
- Under Writing Manager

Ms. Najia Al- Balushi
- Human Resource Manager

Mr. Yahya Al Faqi
- Compliance Manager

Mr. Yonus AL Salti
- Accounts & Shareholders Affairs Manager

Mr. S. Ashok Kumar Raju
- Marketing Manager

Mr. Mehdi Al Harthy
- Head of Retail Sales & Services

Mr. Faisal Al Hadi
- Deputy Motor Claims Manager

Mr.Hashem M.P
- Acting Motor Manager