Personal Accident Insurance

Product Overview

Personal Accident Insurance covers wide range of accident that may be incurred by the policy holder that results in death, permanent total disability and temporary total disability. As a result of these events, medical expenses will be paid in full, covering you against any negative outcome that may occur in your daily life.

Personal accident has no restrictions on the sums to be insured which depends entirely on your earning capacity, as a result of this the PA policy is recommended for Executives, Businessmen and Individuals who would normally like to have a coverage in excess of the limits covered under the Workmen’s Compensation Policy.

Product Coverage

The PA policy covers you, worldwide, on business or on holiday with minimal exclusions such as extra hazardous occupations, like blasting ; undersea salvage operations, game hunting and adventure sports ; yet these may also covered at an additional premium.

A Personal Accident Policy also covers spouses and children.

Consequently, personal accident cover is very important to each and every individual, considering the type of risks we are all exposed to in our daily lives during working hours and on the roads. It is quite prudent to safeguard yourself against being a victim of this exposure.

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